Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I think this is a pretty realistic design considering most things. It's completely realistic (except I'm wondering if the windows are real life or lacking?) Which I guess would work in a environment where... not alot happens weather wise. I'm talking about in a place where you can predict the rain and then work as predicted. I wonder how they close it all off though, like this?

A# being the flap that will flip down to protect the books from rain and snow? B# being me, enjoying the good life.

Anyways... I have to say, within this blog, there is a real lack of color. Mortimer you should be posting more pictures that contain something more then the shades. Lately, in my life, it's been random marimba. Some fighting with the parents, some arguing with cman and alot of eating of hummus. I soaked the beans myself and it made the smoothest homemade hummus of my life. Really nice. And seeing that the postal service is back up and running, I might be sending letters down yonder. (laura do you have an address??)

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