Monday, June 27, 2011

Begonia Skies

My friend's room-mate is a physicist. His co-op job is collecting data and making graphs that contribute in small ways to finding the cure for cancer. His friend is a long haired computer programmer in a band called Cheesifer who's job is making apps for fancy cell phones. My friend is assistant curator at the Maltwood collections and spends her days packaging and hanging expensive artwork.
Last night over hot dogs and couscous we discussed whether or not we would consider transplanting our big toes onto our thumbs if they were to be removed (would you??) and the physicist explained what it was like to be colour blind- I reciprocated by defining Dada, which the science kids thought was data. It's funny how we could get along so well. Half the people I know are passionate about biology and the environment, the other half are completely irrational artist types with flair for not getting it. And yet we can sit in a backyard at dusk with the view of a small mountain and talk easily.

Tonight I am going to mingle with others in the "hospitality" business. My boss is set on finding me a little summer romance- I seem to be the only person she has ever met who is single. She almost choked on her iced white wine when I told her. This is going to be awkward for everyone.

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