Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's always been your quiet brilliant heart

SO! Today is Wednesday but it is also Friday if you know'my sayin'. Today in Ditch records:
Manager talking about the door that is broken: about old ladies getting trapped halfway. Says something about how he loves his grandparents, and hates it when stuff like that happens. He went on to say that young people, on the other hand always tried to swing the door and stride in and the guy behind me who is browsing the LPs says "Young people suck" and then looks at the toddler in the stroller next to him and says "Except you, you're ok" I suddenly realized how young I am.
I mean seriously. I got my whole life ahead of me and so far it is joy joy joy. Not to brag.
Chez, the new girl at work did Katimavik the same year you did and is thinking about Canada World Youth. Except right now she is at UVic for Hispanic Studies.
I'm thinking about biking to Vic West to pick up the remnants of Matt and Brett's food cupboard. Except then I will have to bike back with it and knowing them it will prolly only be frozen fish and heaps of crackers.
Maybe I will listen to the Crackling instead. You should too.

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