Thursday, April 28, 2011

Will Leap Right Out of Your Hand!

Just turned down a nice cushy gallery job in the home town arena. (Tell me you will hire me, Caroline Riedel) We are wishing and hoping and planning and praying that I can pull up the Curatorial Assistant pants by the end of the month. Surprisingly not that sore from the mountain gallumph yesterday, just got a couple of bruised toes. And also I can't touch my toes, which means I am stiff?
I have a theory about that strawberry though. This probably comes from a day of extreme laziness washing dishes and reading books about famous painters in exile. But. Does that strawberry not look like three or four separate berries merged into one? Is that even possible? Maybe in the first stages of growth?
Anyway exercising at night has always been a bad idea. I slept like 3 hours last night. If you can hear the restless insanity creeping into my words you can get a high five.
Told some pals that I would go watch The Game at their house tonight. Pretending that I am not bored crapless should be interesting.

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