Friday, April 29, 2011

The lace really adds to it.

Right now, I'm curled up on the couch watching the wedding. Drinking homemade vanilla vodka spiked coffee out of the little cup celebrating the royal wedding. Truth be told, I'm feeling a bit lonely sitting here, but at the same time, happy. I'm not going to lie,I really like the royal family. Mostly just the Queen and Diana, but as they come, they come with others following them.

I remember back in grade ten, I brought this magazine celebrating the years of Diana and who she was, and what she left behind. It was expensive, and mostly filled with photos, but I still love it to this day. Not in a creepy way. But I respect it as a book-type that I will keep for a while. Today I found out that she got married off at 20. That's us right now Mortimer and Laura.

Just think about it, you could be marrying off to a 31 year old future king this year. And a year later, you would be having a baby, and two years after that, another and then you die in a horrible car accident! That's tough.

Anyway, I mostly came on to say how pretty the bride looked tonight, and that I'm actually pretty much enjoying it right now, so much, that I wont be sleeping tonight and that my family is getting pancakes with caramel apples for breakfast. Royal treatment.

By the way Laura, your little one is doing great. She really loves dandelions and we bought her a salt rock and I'm building her a hut for the summer months (mostly because we just got a new deck and we got a hella bunch of wood left over).

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