Saturday, March 26, 2011

You Watched Him Hadcuff Me, Lady

So last night we were walking through the backstreets of Esquimalt, with satisfied bellies from $5 Montreal style poutine and grateful smiles that it had stopped raining in time for our adventure. As we were turning the corner toward a better lit street I recognized the truck of our grade six teacher. And sure 'nough there he was sitting in the drivers seat, with his trade mark pirate facial hair and leer. Brett insisted that I stop staring at that strange man but stops in is tracks. "Wait is that..." Mr. Vollmers pulled away from the lights very slowly...

Yep. That's the extent of my Friday night. Besides sitting on the floor in the kitchen, as always, listening to these two kids from Bowser with identical voices talk about their misadventures with bears, boats,and big trucks. Faces becoming progressively flushed as they sipped their Kokanees. I stuck to Ephemere, don't worry.

Here is a picture of above mentioned grade six teacher, doing impressive wilderness type things, as always.

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