Thursday, March 24, 2011

Doe Eyes, You're kidding Yourself

I'm having a weird day. It's only weird because all the deadlines I had to meet were in the morning and so I have wasted almost the entire day doing... pretty much nothing at all. We went for a thirty second walk about two hours ago. I told myself I was going to read this North African folktale for class tomorrow but have so far only been successful in listening to a certain Los Campesinos song about 4 times, in a row. Those songs are long, ok.
Just wait. Tonight I have to go to Bollywood and watch the Indian Cinema remake of that "Man on Fire" movie. My prof sent the lyrics to one of the major songs to us and it looks rediculous. I could care less about Amitabh Bachchan right now. Plus I just found out that the goodlookin' guy that I sit near is the non-fiction editor of This Side of West. Great great great I just knooooow I going to say something stupid. I seem to be on a roll today

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