Friday, March 11, 2011


I friends. Just got home from a school party... as in a party at school. It was in the visual arts building though so I would have to say that it should count more as an anarchist art party. I was able to hide my gum boots in the corner of one room and my backpack and sweater in the giant tent made out of blankets in this other room.
Let me start from skratch here. I went to this meeting for the New Yorkies this afternoon and one of the girls who went with us was in charge of setting up the display for SPRUNG the annual fine arts showcase that actually doesn't stand for anything. Anyway this girl in my Bollywood class (also happens to come from a wealthy family, Surprise!) leant me 5$ so that I could make the entry fee and we entered a whole new realm of crazy. Imagine every remotely strange person you see on a daily basis/ around town and on campus. Imagine them dancing crazily to funk music in a dim room while the more sober half of the crowd makes collages and glues them to one greater collage. Now imagine a cash bar in a corner and a room with black paper and glow in the dark paint. It was basically the kind of thing kids from Pville would do if they had funds and motivations and came from families that would pay for their educations.
I felt like an asshole for not wearing anything more special than a hoodie and jeans. I started a drumming sesh in the tent with a man who was not wearing shoes. I got tipsy off one beer and am still a little buzzed. I am definetly going back next year.

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