Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hiya chums. At Bretts house using Matt's power cord, which is nice because I can expell some pent up net surfing energy. Found this channel on youtube called video oddities. Its strange only because of what videos they chose to put on it. For example there is one of a man typing something on a type writer in a bath tub, on a barge, overlooking the New York skyline.
Anyway biggest event of the day consisted of buying super jumbo sized shreddies box for only 6$ wow!
Drinking beer and may become a bit drunk soon as all I've eaten today is doritos and two waffles in the middle of the day. It's one of those days...
Also went to MEC to look at hiking equipment/supplies with the Nootka Trail in mind. Excitement is running high on this side of things, holy hell. We're talking about bringing dehydrated hummus (Chezick's parents have a dehydrator) except it looks like from-unda-cheese. Narsty

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