Monday, March 21, 2011

She Said Almond Coloured Sheets are the Best for Dreaming

Miles you blow my mind. You know how you blow my mind? Because I don't even know your gender. I do not know your age, your actual name, whether you have curly hair or flat feet. And yet every now and then you nudge in here with a real nice comment. By the way, if you are by any chance the front man on Myles Black and the Pearly Whites, I admire your dance moves. Also your cover of that Jungle Book song is very good.

On to business. The new drink in this house is fireball whiskey in orange juice, instead of cough syrup and before bed. Because according to this book I smuggled out of my parents' house, cough syrup usually only works because you expect it to. None of the ingredients really do anything except sugar, which puts a coat of goop on your throat making it less irritated, and alcohol which just relaxes you in general. Intereeessssting

I'm being blinded by the sun through the front windows right now. Shark and I walked to Chinatown for carrot cake and london fog/bubble tea, respectively. Laura before you turn into Yvon of the Yukon I have to take you to this place. The coffee is fairtrade and there is a drumkit in this exposed part of the attic. And the bubble tea place has mildly uncomfortable sex jokes in place of names of flavours. Sex with a dirty old man anyone?

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Miles said...

That's the beauty of the internet - anonymity baby! And also, alcohol straight up kills the germs, which is why in all of those old westerns you see the sun darkened hero pour the remainder of flask into the open snake bite while grimacing. Yeehaw!