Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cause we make the hipsters fall in love

Emma, I know that you're off playing beer pong for a cause, but with water rather than alcohol, and Sarah, you are probably cooking something delicious and talking to wonderful people online, but I am eating a brownie encrusted with nuts, sitting in a patch of sunshine, and relaxin'. So I think I win.

Yesterday, my wonderful Canadian History prof, who very unfortunately teaches a poorly attended 8:30 lecture, started off the day by telling us straight up that the material we were going to be covering was terribly boring. To illustrate this, he showed us a copy of the 40 Resolutions document that Sir John A. had doodled on while they were revising it. He drew a lot of pictures of very ugly men with big noses, so I spent the class trying to copy what he had drawn. Time well spent.

Friday. Friday. Friday. That's my mantra for the week. Just holdin' on till the weekend and getting assignments over with. Emma, I don't know much about cough syrup, but I very much doubt that it's only a combo of alcohol and sugar that makes the difference. I hope you didn't tell Miss Brackett this fun fact; she'll be insufferable and I'll never be able to talk about drugs with her again.

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