Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quick Map of Israel.

Right now, that's just exactly what I am doing- drawing a quick map, for personal reference, of Israel. Just because i'm reading this cookbook, focusing on modern foods and cuisine in that lovely country (The foods of Israel Today, By Joan Nathan) and the book,is a cookbook, like I said, but also.. a story/history book, with alot of interviews and bits of cool and useful information and random paragraphs about it works over yonder.

It's cool though so far, a common theme in the first 20 pages has been just explaining that over the last 60 so years, the country it self, is new, but also, after ww2 and other problems, Jews from all over were flocking to their homeland, and there isn't really a consistent cuisine to say, of the sort.

Which is cool, I'm all into learning about a country discovering/re-discovering new bits of his or her self.

I also got a Lebanese and Turkish cookbook. Both look promising. Actually, in the Lebanese one, there was this milk pudding recipe, using rose and orange blossom water as flavorings, "Mouhallabia", and cardamom coffee, served sweet, and both just remind me of Montreal, and billeting, and sitting outside when it was sunny, enjoying the goodlife, either it be on the back porch, instantly remembering the typical back alley ways, or in the park, during lunch hour at work. Both good times. That week actually, while I was enjoying this, I also saw Corinne Bailey Rae. Shit man.

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