Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Could really use a chai right now

Didn't see my brother today, in fact have not seen him since... friday?

In class my prof made a comment about Van Gogh at MoMA and me and this other girl just sat there grinning our pants off. You realize its six days now? And I still have no way of getting to the airport that morning.

In other great and exciting news I am a little brain dead from staying out late last night. Went to the Men Over the Harbour's house and talked about oral sex, made waffles shaped like hearts and smothered in sauce au jack daniels et chocolat, fell asleep in front of Doctor Strangelove in a tangle of limbs on the couch. Nothing like atomic warfare to cap off a nice Valentine's Day. I wish I had been able to keep my eyes open though, everyone kept making fun of me for getting the plot mixed up. Apparently being a arts student has something to do with it. People don't seem to realize that History is a big part of Art History. So does language, literature, design, politics, philosophy, religion, anthropology, mythology, ideology, and masochism. Just sayin'

I have this extra free ticket to a Plants and Animals show on Saturday, which is awesome except I don't have anyone to bring with me. Also I'm not so fond of their newer album.

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