Thursday, December 23, 2010

You're taking me to concerts and you're taking off your top

Hey, island folk. Crazy weather you guys are having! Can't say I'm jealous, though it is supposed to get up to +6 here on Saturday and start slushing. Ugh.

I have been listening to music that is not explicit, exactly, but has very intimate lyrics. Intimate enough to wear my headphones when my mom is in the kitchen. She has noticed me half-dancing while heating up soup and just keeps shaking her head.

I baked peanut butter cookies yesterday (with applesauce; fancy, fancy) and went for a ski. The lake was covered with low, yellowish clouds, and the light was really strange. It made me feel restless, and I went a lot further than I intended. But it was calming, and quiet, and there were miles and miles of snowy lake with no one around.

Somehow, I found myself in Fort Fraser a few days ago mushing a crrrazy dog team. My lead dogs were named Higgins and Hans, and my wheel dog was named Emma (hah!). Everything went well until we had to cross a field with about 30 horses in it. That was not so much fun.

I do miss Victoria. A week in close quarters with my little brother has made me fantasize about throwing him through the kitchen window. Try not to get swept out to sea in those massive ocean waves, you two.

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