Thursday, December 23, 2010

When I'm overseas your love just come over me, Attacking me viciously in a sweet way that's loving to me

HELLO. The Gods are angry. Do you hear them outside? Howling? Growling? FOR YOU. (Laura; It's just hella angry outside stormy. The island is missing you.) I just went down to the beach, and the wind is too strong for me. The waves are too big for me. Pushing whole trees uplong everywhere. I felt tiny, I saw a deer run away. I know now to put apples down there for them.

Last night, I met Zoola, for a christmas skating adventure. We skated for over an hour. Saw some old friends, I fell on the ice twice, I have a bruised leg now. We then back to her humble adove for hot chocolate, and just sat at her island, talking. We gave love to the dog, we walked into town, around town, and then back along rupert road, eventually just sitting infront of the crazy house, with like, 10 trees on their property covered in intense christmas lights. Have you seen it?

I have something exciting to tell you. All about me though.

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