Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You would be adorable picking up your future daughter in your two door mercedes.

So i'm having a theory making sesh right now, where " What If I Could Catch You, Before You Fall" typa thing. For real. Because it's not one of a motor skills i have yet developed, and i'm pretty sure it would a excellent skill for life. Remember that time that time you fell over the curve, while carrying our beers? In front of incoming traffic? I could of saved you if i had the chance. Another memory that comes into mind about how this could be nice,was this time, where I was waiting to be picked up from school after choir one night, and mister Julian HG just walks ontop of those medal pole things, where the buses are, and he just completely face plants it moments later. You guys have a moment in common, Maybe that's why you guys were prom dates.

Speaking of that, I havent talked to my prom date in aaaaaaaages.

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