Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cats used to harmonize, like OOooooOOOoooo

ok. So tomorrow I have my last exam until midterms next semester (February?) and all a girl can want right now is a little peace and quiet and a comfortable seat. Maybe a lock on the door and a room of ones own. Of course today is the day that Sarah NEEDS to go on a cleaning rampage, complete with loud Rufus Wainwright, and the floor guy NEEDS to drag all his scruffy friends with loud jokes through the house. And.... aaarafhfhfhhfh. I don't even like linguistics. I can't see a future in which I will need to map out a phrase using the xbar schema, or know the exact definition of a m-fing vowel.

Weird thing: I had a dream that my brother started reading the blog and was pulling all this intimate information out of it, somehow. Like: "So you guys got wasted and.... hey?" (it's a little blurry here) for some reason I feel like my brother is always taunting me, like he's storing up information to use against me or something. And my parents probably don't even know I drink.
I'll be home either tomorrow or the next day. Counting the seconds, sister.

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