Saturday, December 11, 2010

"Ya.. See, I unbutton two buttons... by instinct you know, it's the cuban in me- All i'm asking, is that you do one."

I mostly came on this blog this morning, to do two things. First and foremost, to thank our recent reader for our first (or i do believe) real comment on this blog, a couple days ago. Man, you're awesome Laura.

Second, to paste a link to this tango song. The song reminds me of some dark and white oldies movie, with subtitles and girls with waists that are greatly shown off from the dress they are wearing. The dark lipstick on their lips also compliments it all too.

Most probably from Argentina, because the man who sent it to me, was from Argentina. Mortimer, you've already heard it, but I'm still keeping it here, so i can remember it for later.

How are you doing anyways? Tyson is home this weekend ??Maddy?? is too, or at least super soon.

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