Monday, December 6, 2010

Saltspring one day, Lady M the next.

So this is the view from the top of Mt. Maxwell on Saltspring Island. And man was it colder there than here. You know, this kind of looks like a river as viewed from a cliff top. No no, my friend: that there is the Great Strait of Georgia, nearish to the Canada/USA border, Vancouver Island with some snow in the distance. I should have taken a picture later, the sun came out as we were coming down the second mountain of the day and was shining through the rocks and honey-yellow and orange curly paper arbutus trees. I don't think I have ever seen so many arbutus (arbuti?) in one concetrated area. Gorgeous.

Made some more over 50 year old friends too. Cool ESL teachers with hard-core hiking boots. And a Japanese boy, a Korean elementary school teacher, two Chinese mathematicians.

And today my mom came down for the day to try and squeeze her way into some art galleries downtown, and to pick up some paitings with her friend. They were super nervous and were trying to get me to give opinions on thei bio write-ups and their hairstyles and I was like woooaaha. You take me Lady Marmalade and buy me a fruit parfait, let me eat it hey? And my mom's friend Susan ordered half of one salad and half of a different one, which is something I have never even considered. She got these two huge plates sitting in front of her. Anyway now I have a Lauryn Hill craving because they were playing some at the restaurant and our waiter was doing this hiphop head and neck rotating thing while picking up our plates.

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