Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Girl at the Thai Restaurant Knew I was my Father's Daughter

Second free lunch this week! If this keeps up I can maybe afford Christmas presents! Either way Chouette, we went to this Thai place that is like a 3 second walk away and I got pineapple rice with chicken and shaved pork (that has the consistency of saw dust- my dad and his friend were making jokes about using a plain saw to cut it- whatever that is) and man, I will probably be full for weeks. And there is still half a plate left in the fridge. MMMmmmMMmmmMM
And I have been trying to straighten out my linguistics vocab but I keep getting distracted by things like my bladder and websites that are not called "blackboard learning systems"
Janina supposedly had to write this story for her English class about a freak that abducts women and stuff... so I am off to read and rate that.
Have a nice time.

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