Friday, May 28, 2010


The picture above is where we stayed in quebec city, and the guy in the picture is adrian.

So i'm in yellowknife now. I call it the forever sun, mind you, ive only been here for, well this is my third day, but still have i yet to see total darkness. I'm currently in the library, its rediuclously like the one back home, plus its a nice place with wireless internet. I'm missing montreal though, you know mortimer, before we left, its like 33 degrees outside and i had a 24 hour crush on this guy named renaud, because, my god, theres just something about him, he was our leader for a good14 hours maybe? Ah well, thats good and over.

You know, me and charlotte are becomming vegan? we have a good ten books infront of us right now about that.

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