Thursday, May 27, 2010

All the Stars Are Burning Me

Are you trying to tell me that that building actually exists and is in Mon-ree-al? That's crazy! I just thought it was a neat picture!

So today I waited at a bus stop for about half an hour before I realized that the bus didn't even go down that road, and if it did it would have gone by almost as soon as I got there. I also patted a dog named Jazz who's owner spent an hour every four days grooming. When I was surprised by this, the woman was slightly offended and took her long-haired mop-dog away [sic] And this woman who was the mother of the girl who was best friend when I was about 7 came in to the gift shop today and was really brusque. She was looking for Jonathan Rout, who is in Europe at the moment but normally makes silver jewellery in the basement.

And oh wait, something else happened today. I saw our friend Teeson, whom I have not laid eyes on for 3 1/2 months and who I ambushed from behind as he strolled towards QF. Needless to say I got a hug. And he told me that he is an ace at making friends since travelling so much. And also that he has some Aussie friends coming to visit him in late June. (ARRRRgh) And about the tarantula hawk wasp (guess which one it is) that is venomous or something. But apparently there are no insects that kill.

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