Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You Want Never Bitter and All Delicious

I had a flowery day too. This morning Laura and I fooled ourselves into thinking that we would go for a run and we ended up sprawled in the grass next to the path making a daisy chain and talking about the word archipelago, which apparently I don't pronounce properly. We walked back covered head to toe in daisy creations. I had carrot soup for lunch, which was lovely.

I have made up my mind to go somewhere I have never been in this city everyday for as long as I am here. So today I found that path and last night around 11pm I walked home from the house that Laura is sitting and found this random restaurant in the middle of a nice smelling forest. It has a little oily pond behind it and I was thinking: If I had a rowboat this would be my number one rowing choice. I think tomorrow I will go to the cemetery.

And Shark- I don't know if we CAN lose connections. We are living together, remember?

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