Thursday, April 15, 2010

But He Can't Live On Both Sides Of The Fence

Well Hi there, I didn't see you. No, no come in, sit down let me tell you about my days.

Remember I told you that I was discovering a new part of Victoria everyday? Well yesterday we walked around the harbour and up to Beacon Hill Park through St Anne's Academy. Let me tell you- creepiest old catholic school evah. The actual building was closed but they had pictures on display in one of the windows of 'the good old days' and there were all these nuns and small boys sitting on ivy covered benches etc. But all there faces were blurred or splotchy. Sally was going off about some horror movie and my mind brought up all the books I have ever read in which nuns torture small children and bury their bones in the lovely garden of the monastery. And apparently underneath the city there are all these tunnels and connected catacombs that have been sealed off. Goal for the next 4 years- get into the tunnels.

This afternoon I plan on visiting the renowned haunted Helmecken Alley downtown that connects what used to be the prison to what used to be where they publicly hung people. Nice

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