Thursday, March 11, 2010

Welcome Fishies To My Hook

Hello hello hello. It's been a while. Or has it? Lately days have been flying by but at the same time yesterday feels like another lifetime. All I've been doing is knitting this peach scarf and scraping by on the homework front. It seems like I keep agreeing to go places with people, which results in me having no time to actually get shit done. I want to learn everything in the world, but I don't want to do it on a timelimit, or to be tested on it. I have taken to wearing eye makeup and swearing profusely. My room right now is covered in random pieces of paper and piles of books- tea mugs that have yet to be washed are strategically placed so that visitors to the room won't be able to see the insides of them. Tomorrow, I swear I am not doing anything I don't want to do, even if E insists its a night to get drunk and slutty. She has yet to learn that I don't really DO either of those, especially the slutty one; I mean, I wish Icould throw caution to the wind and get it on with a random but its not going to happen. Especially this time of month.

I have discovered that running with music makes all the difference. May I recommend 'It's All Gonna Break' by Broken Social Scene? It's 9:51 which is exactly the amount of time it takes for me to do a mile. Plus there is an epic trumpet section which arrives around the time that I have a little downhill stint, makes all the difference, let me tell you.

If my life consisted of going to classes but not having assignments, reading books for long hours, and going for long walks with people I love, I woud be absolutely content. At the same time though, I need inconsistency in my life. I need to have a breakdown one day, be on top of the world the next. You may be able to tell that I am a picky eater

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