Monday, March 15, 2010

I like watching the puddles gather rain.

I haven't written in four days, which doesn't sound that long but feels like eternity. I'm trying to remember what I did last thursday but I am failing.

This morning though, I talked to most of my favourite people, in Canada and otherwise. I really do believe that I will be in Brazil this summer. Fo'real yo' Teeson is in this place that has the name of a fantasy land and apparently also gorgeous beaches. Cha-ching.

Last night I watched Finding Forrester instead of doing French homework like a good little girl. The Forrester character in that movie really reminds me of Mr. Standing, high-school english teacher in a school small enough that I could have him for english two years in a row. Maybe its just the beard and random life lessons that he tosses in.

off topic: lately I have really got into Noah and the Whale. This song off their most recent album, 'Blue Skies' is very sweet, as are most of their stuff but really : "this is a song for anyone who can't get out of bed" that was me yesterday, it was rediculously comfortable.

Still haven't got used to this time change deal. It feels slightly earlier than it is at all times. Like for instance, it feels like I still have an hour before class, but in reality I have to be there in ten minutes.

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