Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sup. I am sitting in by sports bra on my bed, like any good semi-athlete. Just ran two miles (nice!) Anyways the reason I am half dressed is that I was about to get into the shower, and then I noticed that Shark had messaged while I was out (typical) so I sat down and somehow ended up on the blog (ta-da!)

Anyways I was watching the news during the Olympics about that big earthquake down in Chile and the news station was obviously based out of the mainland because the woman was like: "We on the mainland are not in danger of a tsunami bacause we are protected by an island here" and points at home-sweet-home. So Shark if I die in a freak wave accident know that I loved you and probably will continue to do so sub-consciously in the ether.

So today more than any day I have come to realize that I am extremely lucky to have such good friends. Pretty sure I can always rely on you people to back me up if all else fails. We just fit nicely together. Everyone else that I have met recently seems to have a friendless highschool experience in which all their friends either abandoned them or did not exist. I was talking to Zoola today: We are all 'kind ' people, all five of us. We balance out. I love it. I just wish I could see all of you more often.

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