Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm just confused about everything today. Its okay though, I put it down to a lack of sleep. I was in Vancouver all weekend and barely saw anything that they had supposedly put on, like Canada House or the giant zip line that they apparently strung across the buildings. All I really saw were hoards and hoards of young men in red that all wanted high-fives. And I had a caesar drink which I still haven't decided if I like or not. Abby and I played 'spot the Russian' which is harder than you would think because they are also red and white. I am probably in hundreds of stranger's photographs and I know I am in at least one video of a girl going through the subway high-fiving everyone. After the gold-metal hockey game this aftertoon I saw a man playing bagpipes on the overpass with a Canada flag hanging off the intrument. As I looked back to get another peek I saw a heard of kids running towards him- the one at the lead carrying a hockey stick like one would a spear. They all started to dance together. It was beautiful.

Tomorrow my brother is turning 21 (!!!!) which is kind of freaky considering it was not long ago that we were 12 and 14 respectively and wailed on each other constantly. So I am making him a mixed CD like any good sister and I will probably not be able to see him until friday, at which point I will bake him a cake.

The islands between Swartz Bay and Tswassen are incredible. When I get old I'm going to buy a house on one and never leave.

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