Sunday, December 20, 2009

That;s a cute picture there, (the last one) it reminds me of this facebook group that i saw this australia girl joined a while back called (not to exact words) something about being sad when you see a old person eating alone. Which is cute.

I've been in a pissed off mood today, last night i went to bed late, not the happiest or best feeling around, thenwas woken up suddenly to be taken out to do a whole six hour day of shopping. i've been feeling like puking all day, i went to bed feeling like i should puke.

I feel alright now though, the butterscotch in my mouth, slurping around is doing the trick. and the fire across the room is roaring high.

How romantic! but not really! because the persian man won;t talk to me!


Bashu said...

What Persian man?

Emma & Sarah said...

the Persian is some guy with big arms that lives in Vancouver and initiates kissing at bus stops