Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hey yous. All I can say about gingerbread is don't use a Martha Stewart recipe if you plan on eating it... hardest shit ever.

So that girl who wanted to go to the art gallery? The class ended and I still don't know her name. Gah. Its alright though, I think I will just loiter around in public places in order to meet people. Plus a new semester is about to begin so that's four classes full of new faces (:D)

So right now I am sitting in the library because the internet in my building mysteriously conked out on the last day of classe, so this is my only way of listening to the Bucky Awards. Down side? I feel guilty that I am not studying like everyone else. And also I can't full out dance to some of these songs, for example, Magique by We Are Wolves just came on and I had to resist the urge to start wildly thrashing around. Anyways should get back to my frech stuff, considering my exam is tomorrow night, a 7. Weird eh?

haha eh

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