Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today i guess was the calm that comes after a storm. You know something has happened, but things are cl earning up slowly, and it smells good (thanks Dad for making pancakes :) )

On a lighter note, i have a new celebrity crush
Mortimer you already know her name, drum roll please?
Nicki Minaj *I'll try to find the less sexual of pictures to show you, because i swear, she is a sex bomb.

And sex bombs are always welcomed on my porch, so let it be.

What else to say...
My feet are cold. Mortimer i don't get your letters until Tuesday if anything (my mo had to change locks on the mail box). I made some pretty tight short bread today, and then some pumpkin spice tea to enjoy them with. I then forced my mother and my lovely sister to sit down and enjoy them with me, while they watched a movie " Man in the moon" (remember sabos grade 5 birthday party???)

I'm also thinking of making some tortili later, we have some spinach and zuchini just lying around anyways.

Tom Jones:

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