Tuesday, September 29, 2009

hiya everybody!

Hey, it's me again, I just polished off a bag of Sunshine Coast Trail Mix, which for the record is worth its cost. I had a big insightful spiel planned out, but unfortunately all that is left in my brain (and teeth) revolves around pumpkin seeds and chocolate chips. I know, right?
Um I had a yoga class tonight so now I feel all worldly and flexible, but really I have almost zero balance compared to most people. I like to blame it on the childhood scoleosis.
What else is there to say except that I am currently writting a blog instead of studying italian, which I have a midterm for on friday....ARGH
(mi chiamo Emma, il mio numero di telefono e [none of your business] io sono alta e pigra)
off to a decent start I guess- one of the hardest things to get used to is that they don't capitilize "I" plus they don't just blindly add ess's to the end of plural nouns.
I went to this poster sale in the SUB the other day and got this amazing Klimt poster. Have you exer seen the Tree of Life? What I don't get is why he always has to add the embracing lovers into his paintings (ok not Always but) at least in this case there's a jealous Cleopatra-y looking gal at the opposite end.
I guess I should go, you're prolly all bored of this pointless ramble.

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