Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Seeing Mortimer and Zoola are in the university bound zones, i don't see them contributing anytime soon to this blog of sorts. (Zoola no doubt has forgotten about it..) So for the time being i guess this will be a Shark blog.

I guess ill just put music, random thoughts, books i'm reading and the general things happening in my life for the people who actualy read this to know.

Book of the day? "The Girl with the full figure is your daughter" By Oscar martens

If you live in the oceanside area, you can get this book at your local public library!
Its a book of short stories and some of shorts stories are rediculously sexual at points. Nothin wrong with that. It was just funny, and the author is from the lower mainland, so... you are hearing about funny places that you can connect with (which is nice i guess?)

I'm actually trying to blow through it right now, seeing i'm pretty sure it's overdue and theres this other book i want to get to too... " The Paper House-a novel" by Carlos Maria Dominguez. The book is about the size of my hand (and no i do not have man hands-) and it looks like a cute and good read.

There was also this book by Jasper Ffordes in the discount bin at the mulberry book store in qualicum that i was wanted to get, but since funds are running low right now... i thought over it ten times and descided against it. Plus it was like 20 dollars. 20 dollars is a horrible discount price.

I don't know, i guess i'll be reading alot and trying to fill up my time with productive things to do. Painting maybe. Once i get my room cleaned though... Because i aquired a piece of wood- 5 by 3 feet big to paint on, except i need the space and the type of space where i can leave it there for weeks at time and forget about it type of thing without a mother bitching at me to move it along and clean up the paint water or "stop using plates for your painting!!1"

Oh and i also need to find a recipe for stuffed grapeleaves.
But only just because my mother got a jar of pickled grape leaves as a joke the other day and now it's my mission to figure out how to use them.

Wish me luck?

Plus it's a first on that i;ve seen a song get more then 2.5k likes...
Good jjob kid cudi /pursuit of happiness!

Birds on the Wires from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

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