Friday, July 31, 2009

Tommorow is the day Mortimer and Zoola leave for an exciting humanitarian trip. Fix the world the best they could, too bad they had to pay to fix the world, but being 18 year old canadians with only so much, its the best they could do. Have fun ladies and meet some nice men :D

Sure there is the exception, minitures like that 10 year old from victoria and his mom, going down to Uganda every year building schools and whatnot to a bit more famous, now adult, but started out (like most) young, Craig Keilburger or however you spell his name, a canadian who wanted to make a change and then did so. Did you know i shook his hand last year? Man, that was cool.

Me on the other hand, i am left behind, but not really, to find something to do.

Today i cooked and painted and listen to loud french rap, tommorw i work and see a lovely classic down at the beach with a couple important (men) in my life. I'm kindof pissed i have a lack of women in my life, but maybe, thats alright, and it's the way it's suppose to be.

Maybe i'll figure out someting exciting and important to do. Trust me, everything will be alright.

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