Tuesday, February 23, 2016

More Milk Problems.

So I'm in the middle of my practicum right now. Today I hung out with Ngoc and put tattle tape in donated theater magazines from the 1980s.
I guess the worst thing about libraries is that a lot of books and especially magazines go into the landfill once they've been removed from the collection. Apparently the glue used on books makes them really hard to recycle.
And there's an odd amount of snobbery (that maybe only I perceive) displayed by librarians. We library techs tend to dress down and end up in the back cluttered work spaces, away from the windows. Librarians have standing desks and glass water bottles and have 'big picture' plans. Or maybe I'm thinking of one in particular... Anyway I'm sort of wondering if I made the right choice in becoming a tech instead of going whole hog. We will see in the long run.
Mike keeps saying that I'm gonna have to be the bread winner, or that I'm gonna end up supporting him. He's worried because he just turned 27 and he's considering going back to school. Doesn't seem to hit home every time I tell him that I am one of the younger people in my program, and that lots of people do their masters in their 30s. Plus who cares: if you are unhappy doing what you're doing, switch it up. Shouldn't matter what age you are.
Lately I've been obsessed with Ja Rule duets and I don't even care who knows it.

I'm having another milk problem. My milk is 4 days over expiry and it smells fine but I'm pretty sure it tastes bad. It's really hard to say and I keep second guessing myself. Plus my stomach feels weird and I'm bloated which maybe is because of milk? But what if both are psychological side effects of buying half price milk??

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