Wednesday, October 28, 2015

You spent your time as King being mad at everything

Hey! It's me!

(Visit the Yukon and this could be me + you ;) )

How are you girls doing? I have spent the morning cutting pears, drying pears, making apple/pear sauce. Pears were on sale for $6 a bag and I am taking full advantage of that. I just wrote a big long letter to you, Ritch, and placed it in the box that I have been meaning to take to the post office for the past week. But I am going to do it as soon as the sauce is done and I am finished writing this. Pinky promise.

So far Whitehorse living has been awesome, but that is probably because I am unemployed. The wind is starting to shriek and howl in the evening. One of the roommates has escaped back to Panama for the winter. Everyone has been complaining about the late winter and lack of dry climate, but I feel as if the snow will arrive soon enough. I have been watching a lot of videos about non-electrical appliances on YouTube and wondering if it would be a feasible idea to live in a no power/water situation for the winter. People who idealize that type of lifestyle are totally barmy, but it might work for us for a little while.

There are FOUR pumpkins here to carve for Hallowe'en, whoooaah.

Hope you are both well and happy and eating good things and are generally satisfied with your current lot in life.

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