Sunday, May 17, 2015

Stops and Starts

Hey girlies.

It has been so long since anyone has posted on here. This tiny corner of the interwebs has a lost feeling to it.

Let's see. I know that Emma recently embarked on a West Coast adventure with plenty of sand and bears and stinky men. I have seen photos of Sarah surrounded by dogs and music. Here in this neck of the literal woods, the days have been stretching into absurdly long, sunny portions, permeated by the occasional family heartache and visits by people in rowboats and canoes. The bees are searching out early summer dandelions. Chickens were roaming free through the neighbor's backyard until a coyote caught onto a good thing. High school acquaintances have either changed drastically or still manage to function in a time capsule of small-town bitterness. I spend a fair amount of time on sun-soaked mossy trails and guilty stretches on my laptop.
Over and out.

PS. This is obviously not my photo. It is of a lady named Annie Stephen and was taken at Aishihik Lake, which is an amazing stretch of country but also could do with a few less fall-offy cliffs.

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