Sunday, November 9, 2014

Read a recipe on how to make marzipan, gonna make it this week.

The weeks are still stressful. Though, today was sunday and I didn't do much. I cleaned for the majority of it. I ate a little, and then finished watching a movie I've been meaning to finish. I also went down to the beach and saw a dead baby seal. no head. Poor guy didn't even grow up to thrive, and eat all the fish it could handle.
Last night, I dreamt of something that I have yet to ever dream of. For me, I don't think it was exactly the specific subject matter, but the theme itself of never actually (or at least thinking i havent) ever feeling the particle feeling that i felt! It was new, I woke up happy for the moment being.

That being said, I bought a small book of poetry the other day- filled with relatively normal situations, but laid out simply and that you could easily swallow. Like a piece of orange covered in sugar. Da author is Wendy Cope.

This is it though.

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