Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'm tired and I'm just sitting here drinking water.

I was woken up last night at 3:am last night with the man of my current love affairs telling me that he just fed/donated the money to feed baby seals through an online donation fund. I thought it was funny and cute, but a bit grumpy that my rem cycle was disrupted. life resumes and I woke up to only have to have a rush to my day. 

We played marimba like any other day. The day presented us was groggy, and you noticed the grey skies, and instantly thought to yourself to put a sweater on, but the moment you move ten steps outside, you're sweating and you are regretting putting on another layer. Plus where we played at the Errington Farmer's Market, the sound of our music was just off. I feel like it might have gotten better as the day followed, but that might have been me not caring anymore and just wanting to find somewhere to lay down. Didn't happen. I didn't lay down until I came home. 

I also went to thrifty's today to buy ingredients for "ENERGY BALLS!". I'm excited for the prospects of that. I'm trying out being vegetarian, or trying to find some middle where I feel good about what I'm eating and realizing the choices that I make with eating could be just weirdly make my soul and heart feel a bit more at ease. I'm still eating fish though. I don't know why. For instance, today I had a sesame crusted local lingcod. It was delicious. 

Plus being this new take on what I'm eating, I'm experimenting with what I'm eating and it's kindof fun. 


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