Sunday, March 3, 2013

Self-titled "the most Colombian of Colombian artists" early on

Oh Fernando:

Today is still a sunny day. I'm cleaning my room and trying to get a couple odd things done. (wish me luck):D I've also been slowly getting into Iranian film culture and following theses words is the first I've watched:

I really enjoyed it, I'm always a suck for female focused movies and that being said, it's fun seeing these bunch of girls trying to see a soccer game and then being locked up for the entirety of it. You get to see how the young soldiers/young men individually react to the rules that are in modern day Iran and how... I guess they understand why they are there, but wonder how the rules are. There is some very heart touching characters and this once scene that easily became my favorite and made me think: the young soldier stops on the side of the road to buy drinks for all the girls in response of the whole bunch of them being thirsty. Simple right? I can't explain it, but it made me wonder if we would be off better if there would be more men like that around... overwhelming generosity, or at least that's what Cyrus calls it. It's very appealing.With further conversations with Cyrus, he explains that there is huge emphasis on "the mother" in Iran, that women play an integral part of society and you show them the same respect as you would as any other (which differs from the 'over- protective-father type' that many surrounding middle eastern countries demonstrates. I really enjoyed this film, and in response I'm researching and learning more about the director of it Jafar Panahi

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