Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tuna Casserole and the hard times of being me.

I do remember Lars Farf. Maybe I should hook our resident german-Lars up with da story. I haven't talked the guy in ages. That being said though, I'm currently enjoying this netbook Cyrus gave to me (because god forgive mine was falling apart) but it's cool! I have so much more space and the windows 8 is neat-o.

Other then that, nothing is new. A couple of us when busking d-t Nanaimo and we got like 4 potential gigs in the process. Stupid situation though, the idle no more protest was going on and it was just complicated, people kept telling us, yelling at us to stop playing (even though we had every right tooooooo) and we kept on asking "alright, but can you tell us when we can?" everyone promised they would and then bam! after an hour of waiting,we said fuck it, started playing and then ignored the "you guys were being rude" comments coming out our way. Saw medhi that day too, he's looking good.

That's it for now.
Say an early happy birthday for Sabo from me
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