Thursday, January 17, 2013

All these people, they've got fire in them!

I've started conducting really lazy interviews (ie via email) for the Warren's blog. With people I know, so far two musicians (Joey Chaos and our favourite boy named Jackson) but I'm trying to coerce Kat to join in.
And you know what? I got this weird rush of good humour in editing them. Like holy shit there is nothing I love more in the world than reading people's answers to really generic questions designed to get artists to spill the beans on how they are so damned charming while everyone else is playing in the mud. I actually proved this further on the bus with Brett last Friday. We ran out of things to talk about so I asked him a hundred thousand questions along the lines of "would you rather be a penthouse condo or a yurt?" and "would you rather be sawed in half with a hack saw or freeze to death?" etc. I learned a lot about the guy, which I promptly forgot.
But seriously Shark. If you want to ever revisit this idea of a quarterly I am down for the get down. Maybe forever. Even if it doesn't pay shit. If this kind of giddiness can last forever I want to milk it until it shrivels up and keels over.
Especially if you plan to pursue this whole English degree thing. Because then you could tell me how to properly punctuate, which I apparently do not do when I get on a roll in my writing.

On a completely different side note- these tats actually don't look too bad on this old broad. I'm thinking I should get a massive floral back tattoo too now.

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