Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You made this page look slightly classy/emo/grunge.

My feet are still damp from my daily run outside to let the rabbit out and pick various herbs for da morning breakfast. It's funny. The yard is slowly becoming winterized and for the week, spooky. Within the hour, I'll be outside with my grandmother hanging up faux spider webs and later buying pumpkins. I love buying pumpkins and carving them.

Two updates! I'll tell you a bit about what maddy was saying.  Honestly, i knew nothing about the hostel thing. But during a dog walk with her yesterday, she did explain the ideal about it. It sounds cool. But I really don't know how it will happen. I think she is going to try and go back to the land we were talking about for that potential community garden that we initially started the discussion with.  I brought up that I had similar thoughts about the potential. Because we do live in such a tourist heavy region in the summer months (young people could just stop on the way up island) and the place could be a big side of relief in the winter, where we could really provide super affordable single bedding for.. the homeless/bedless.  We could be blessing a the nights where it actually snow! or the rains are too hard. So we joked that maybe I could start a sister hostel here in parksville. I don't know how I'd do it, but I really like the ideal of providing I guess a telephone that people could use, hot showers, some hot coffee/tea/toast along with their bed with clean linens to that. Just a place of relief. I really don't know if Parksville already provides something similar to that. I know the salvation army provides emergency beds in case of horrible weather. But I also know it's hard to find people who manage that system. Finding people who can stay all night and "look after" who is staying there.

That being said, I've been thinking about another plot that has been vacant for years and could easily be turned into a green space. I just need to figure out who owns it and then... I don't know from there. Figure out grants, figure out people who could help me build it from the ground up. I know my family would be really into it. I keep meaning going to the city, or knocking on doors to figure it out, but I feel really out of place doing so.  But I want to do it, and I think I will. Maybe even this week. Who knows. Then I could go from there.

I've also volunteered to help Maddy with looking up grants and filling out grants for this green program starting up at KSS. It's grass roots right now, and they're looking for anyone/everyone to help. I don't really know what I could offer, but I really want to know the grant process and actually know how to use it as an advantage.

That's it though.
Oh and Rachel Anthony might be throwing a "frenchie" dinner at christmas. I saw her friday night while Forrest/Carm/Jasmine/ and I were enjoying hot chocolate to waste time. Rachel is now working as a waitress at lefties and she's just as beautiful and loving as ever. I got three hugs from the girl. I get hugs everytime I see her.  Awwww yeahh.

Can't wait to see you guys and happy halloween!

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