Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Rant, Not About You

I pocket dialed Fran like 4 times today while walking from the bus stop to school, the back way. She probably hates my guts.
this incident set the stage for my class, which started with my prof scrambling to give a lecture about Emily Carr and the First Nations, which I could have done better, frankly.

And then she did a lecture about Land Art, which only served to make me mad. She prefaced it with a picture of Oldenburg kneeling by a hole in the ground he had dug in Central Park (called Hole, this is art). She went on to talk about Robert Smithson, which is when my eyes really got to rolling. So this is the 1960s in the states and Vancouver, when there was a hippy camp full of draft dodgers down along Dallas Road, when environmentalism was just beginning to emerge, when sex drugs and rock and roll were the most important things for everyone all the time. So Vancouver is a hub for American artists because of all the dodgers settling up there, wanting some kind of scene of home. So Robert Smithson gets this bright idea for a "Glue Pour." The idea being that he would dump a truckload of literal glue down the side of a cliff on the UBC campus and that would make everyone think about their own relationship with the land.
Except he couldn't afford a truck load so he ended with a barrel. That's it above, what the photo doesn't show is the glue is bright orange. Toxic. Other ideas of Smithson's include a "Glass Island" in which he covered an entire small "barren" island off the coast of Vancouver Island in shard of glass so that it would reflect prettily in the sun. Because we all know coastal islands are ugly without the beautification of human debris.
Anyway there were a few other things that were actually kind of cool so I cheered up a bit and then she showed this: The Vivarium at the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle.
This is literally a nurse tree that has been moved from a few miles away to sit in this glass shrine to humanity in the middle of Seattle, art. This girl in my class was like "Yeah well it's good because a lot of the time when you go hiking nurse trees are blocked off so that you can't get too close." And I was just wondering where the fuckity does she go hiking? Beacon Hill Park?

Ok that's my rant of the day. It all improved after I had a free meal at a church filled with students. And got two compliments in a row on my jacket and a full body hug/slam from the captain of the quidditch team.

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