Saturday, February 4, 2012

Going out wasn't an option either. Or at least I don't want it to be.

It's saturday night and the night is going mighty slow. So slow that you don't even want to try and do anything. Reading isn't even an option, and the restlessness-bug just creeps up and doesn't even bother with a grand shocking surprise. So your just left to yourself.

I tried cleaning my room, I tried stuffing my face with banana muffins, and I just attempted to teach myself how to crochet. That was and still is a disaster. BUT ALL IN GOOD TIME.

 Maybe I shouldn't be complaining. I could try to be this out going, little bubbly individual, but who would I be kidding? I enjoy being quiet, and for the most part, I like either being alone or with people I reaaaaaaaaaalllly care about (that's you girls). So perhaps I was just asking for it when I set my path on the road of being a solo person.

That being said, I got two birthday gifts so far and it isn't even my birthday yet. (yes!!!). C-man sent out bunch of tea, food and books (along with a arts magazine) to fill my days. Graeme sent me a bunch of photos I should show you gals. I've only really enjoyed the tea, ate half of a bag of pistachios and read the first five pages of "the divine comedy". That book really does weigh at least a brick and a half.

Other then that, nothing. I'm always cold and I fucked up my back earlier in the week to the point where sleeping wasn't an option. I can proudly say that I am now sleeping soundly.

Hope both of you girls are happy and healthy. And still beautiful. Always beautiful, sooooooooo beautiful it hurts. Exactly like that.!/item/1fa35  -> Song of the night? I think so. I think secretly this guy might be my husband or something of the like. Actually, honest to my bones, if this guy did ask me out, I would say no. He's a huge smoker and I know for a fact he might just be two times more hip then I will ever want to be. It gets to that point where you actually have to try. That being said, there is still dream world 101.

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