Sunday, February 26, 2012

common lets build an old style house

had a pow wow with a few other appreciators of art. We talked about forgery and thievery- did you know that their is a Masters program at some Italian school for art crime? Talk about badass.
Anyway this guy I know, 30 something and oh so positive was talking about commissioning art works from his friends. To begin his collection with pieces made specifically for him- that is the gold mine. He told us about this movie called the Herb and Dorothy- this wee ancient American couple, retired school teachers and post men or something, with the largest collection of minimalist art in the world- worth millions no doubt. Just because they started small, bought from their friends, kept their eyes open.

I found a staple tangled in the back of my hair in the shower the other day. I felt something hard and reached around to pick out what I thought was going to be an earring. Looks like I've been hitting the books a little too hard (with my face)
Midterm Monday tomorrow. Gotta put on my game face, speaking of.

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