Friday, January 6, 2012

Casually Cruel.

Listening to LCD Soundsystem. Everyone else is passed out in the living room, typical friday afternoon at Ritchie House, as Laura calls it.
Not really a lot to say since the last time but I figure someone had to do it. You know when you don't talk to someone for a long time so that you feel like talking about regular things is not good enough and you feel like you have to say something big and important? Yeah, that's what its like.
Had New Years, worked, went camping in the torriential rainforest that is Port Renfrew, got soaked to the skin, watched Brett fall in a creek, found a seal carcass on the shore with a bullet wound, went to a potluck, played Ukrainian dice a few times, watched Brett trip and fall into the ocean, joined a mob to troop across the elementary school, watched the second half of Annie Hall, was woken up by Brett falling into bed with me, gave him a hug, went for breakfast with some ladies. Got carpet burn from sleeping on my face.
I need to go to school for a bit. I think maybe I will take the stack of cans outside while I'm at it.
Have a nice day.

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