Thursday, November 17, 2011

We Both Know Your Heart's Not in It

Does it say: find the BABE in that picture? Because that would make sense.
Had an intense day. Surprisingly, lightened up by my professors: first made Mussolini jokes and became giddy when discussing the cat sanctuary in the ruins of four ancient Roman temples in Rome (real deal). Talked about his childhood cat Blackie for a bit. I stared disbelieving.
Second put up slides of woodblock pornography circulated in the papal court of Renaissance Rome entitled 'I Modi' or 'The Ways.' Literally. Apparently this big shot architect did the original drawings for the booklets. She was trying to tie in his affinity for twisting bodies and "problem solving" through a variety of positions to his ability to combine architectural methods into new combinations (ie rusticated pediment, how exciting). Either way it all came down to her main point which was " The best architects are the best lovers.' She backed this up with a quote from Ovid.
And on my way home I got a hot chocolate and stopped to talk to our pal Jocelyn Cook, who was behind the counter. and who invited me to a show for Saturday night, featuring on drums our old friend Ray from Little Qualicum Cheese Works.
And tomorrow night is Urbanite at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. I'm going to paste the description here because it is too funny to be true. Keep in mind that the last opening I went to at this gallery featured what was essentially the furniture of the 1950s onward, crap your parents spent their entire lives slowly replacing. The place was packed though with swinging 30 somethings with cocktails and those two ubiquitous men who dress in metallic gold lame outfits and spin beats like Euro DJs.

Inspired by the contemporary South Asian exhibition Collected Resonance, this dynamic evening of music, cocktails and performance provides the perfect atmosphere to mix with friends and muse on visual culture. Enjoy the deep and danceable Electro-Latin sound of MicroBongo Sound System featuring live Indian Tabla, Santoor, and Dilruba performance and interactive visuals from Limbic Media, catch engaging curator’s tours introducing the trans-cultural art production of three contemporary artists exploring the South Asian diaspora, and mingle with friends over signature cocktails from Canoe Brewpub.

First of all, only an art historian would italicize the names of all the artists and companies. I shouldn't be telling you this, but there has to be at least four italicized words per art historical passage.
Quote from the Dean of the faculty, from yesterday: "You may not make a million dollars as an art historian but boy, will you have fun!" (pointing out that Jesus is the biggest in The Last Supper)
*entire class rolls eyes* 

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