Sunday, November 13, 2011

and your little heart starts to go boom-boom

Funny Chez. I picked up that Orwell book in a store today because the cover was neat. Also talked to my parents who ALSO survived the storm with bbq (and wood stove, and probably a bath tub filled up just in case) and candles. Remember in grade 10 when the power was out in Coombs for at least a week and Jossy had to shower in the change room at school? My dad was commenting on how Jennifer or Shirley's house up the block still had power. And we laughed at him for mixing up the names Jennifer and Shirley.
And then he told us about this apprentice he used to have who always got into fights. One time he came to work with a broken hand from punching someone in the head. I remember this kid from when he was in elementary school with my bro. He was scrawny and had a lisp- obviously started over compensating. Anyway, now he works in Dawson Creek, which brought up a whole new conversation. My dad says he is growing a Guy Fawkes stache.
Last night I got tipsy off of two glasses of wine but I had no one to talk to so I watched Adaptation staring Nicolas Cage as Charlie and his twin brother Donald. I have never been so repulsed than to hear Donald make a reference to "pushing in the bush" and swivel his womanly hips suggestively. Recommended.

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