Thursday, October 6, 2011

when all else fails.

In case you haven't noticed, I have been trying to post a piece of art everyday. Sometimes the commentary is lacking, but hey!
Sabo and I were just joking about taking Thanksgiving shots this evening. 
Bought cereal and expensive designer ice cream on a whim. Broke ass poor.
I think I want to go to grad school in either Los Angeles or San Fransisco, which are both in the USA- great. Some older friends of mine were saying that they genuinely believed that there would be a revolution of the working class in the states, sometime soon. 
Today in class I learned about the Pere Peinard idea of revolution through insurrection- the idea that doing small "illegal" things to mess with the status quo is more effective than an outright coup. The illustration was of a strapping working man beating the shit out of some shorter, fat, well done up man with coins spilling out of his pockets. 
Is it really so bad if a desperately poor man robs a wealthy man in order to say, feed his children? Laura's answer is "Yes," because stealing is illegal and the law is the law. But what if the law is written by the wealthy man with the sole purpose of staying wealthy? (illustration of a working class man buttoning up his pants after having taken a dump on the so called "code of law")

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